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Waiting for the last wave

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    Gold in Press/Nature/Environmental
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    Moniruzzaman Sazal
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Bangladesh is one of the country’s most likely to suffer adverse impacts from anthropogenic climate change. Threats include sea level rise, floods, and cyclones (approximately 130,000 people were killed in the cyclone of April 1990).The impacts of climate change will only exacerbate the problems already facing the population. Climate change and exposure to natural disasters threaten to derail efforts to eradicate poverty. A great bulk of the world’s poor and most vulnerable citizens live in disaster prone countries and their number keeps increasing.

My main objective of photography is to tell the sufferings of people and to highlight different problems exist in society. I believe that expressing other's toil through photographs can be the best way to aware people. With a view to making this happen, I have been working on different projects which mainly covers the climate change issues with its effect on lives, natural diversity, different odds and discrimination in the society, cultural diversity and unity of religion. Though I am working as a general manager in a private company, I have been involved in photography since childhood.

Awards Award :
• Award of Excellence 'Nature and Environment' category
POY Asia 2021 Photography contest.
•Winner Climatelinks USAID Photo Contest 2020, USA
Climatelinks USAID, USA
•Winner of ASE International Photo Awards 2020 (Portrait Categories)
•Highly commended Award In Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award 2019
•Winner of Photo Contest on Health & Climate, organized by Climate Tracker Photo Contest in partnership with World Health Organization.
•Winner In “Jolobaiyu o Jonojibon” a photography exhibition and competition organised by MANUSHER JONNO FOUNDATION & coordinate of Swedish International Development cooperation Agency (Sida)
•Winner of Golden Orchid International Photo Awards, New York
•Award from 1st PABA International Photo Competition, USA
•Winner in Food In The field categories Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2018, UK
•Photo selected UNESCO-UNEVOC In SkillsInAction Photo Competition 2018, Germany
•Awarded 2nd place in a traveller's tales photography competition,UK
•Winner of KPS (Khulna Photographic Society) National Photographic Competition & Exhibition 2017.
•Award from Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Photography Contest 2017
•Winner of GlobalDev Photo Contest 2017
•Winner of the My World Contest Blipoint, Spain
•Finalist Xposure 2017, Dubai photography contest on photojournalism categories
•Photograph Selected for promoting Siena International Photo Awards 2017
•Winner of Words of Light Photography Competition
•Photography Exhibition in renowned photo festival in UK - 10th London Photo Festival.
•Winner of ‘Portraits of the World’ category at ‘Photography Live’ Dubai
•Winner of The Telegraph,UK Travel Photography Competition
•Photography Jury award from KPS (Khulna Photography Society)
•Winner of GAP Gold Medal 1st Pacific-Atlantic International Photographic Circuit 2016
•SALON Silver medal & SALON HM Winner on Three Country Grand Circuit 2016
and many more.