/ 2021 / Fine Art / People

Haunting portaits

This series is called “Haunting Portraits” from various portraits of a journey to Bangladesh in 2020. The people are laborers who work either at the port carrying coal or in the shipyards of Dhaka. The Port of Dhaka is a major river port on the Buriganga River in Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. The work is hard and demanding. The conditions are hot and often dangerous. So are the faces of the people; all tell a different story. All ages work together. Nevertheless, the people were friendly and willing to be photographed.

Joe Buergi is a people, travel and landscape photographer based in Switzerland. His curiosity for the people and the world in different ways have influenced his desire to travel to new and unfamiliar places. Through his travels he has developed his own photographic style. Some say that it is unique, simple and compelling. He is into black & white and also color photography.