/ 2021 / Fine Art / Still Life

Calle and tulips

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer

I love the elegance and simplicity of these flowers so I portraited them with natural light using different backgrounds and using the triple exposure in-camera to be more creative.

Class 1971, wife and mother of two guys. Agent of commerce with great passion for photography since I was a teenager but more in the last 10 years. I also like to travel so, if I can, I travel and photography together. I like architecture photography in particular but also portrait, street and travel.
I did few personal exhibition of photography and others collective.

Awards I won three editions of "Portfolio a Lucinico" in 2014, 2016 and 2017.
A Salon Diploma in 2017 at New York-Manhattan contest.
Honorable Mention at 21st Gran Tour delle Colline (Italy)
Honorable Mention at IPA Award 2017 and 2018 (architecture Category)
Honorable Mention at Monochrome Photography Award 2018 (architecture category)
Few Salon Diploma and three gold medals in PCA Exhibition contests in the last years.
Honorable Mention at IPA Oneshot Street photography 2019
Two HM at Minimalist Photography Award 2019 cat. Architecture
Gold winner and absoloute second place at TIFA 2019 category Portfolio/Personal
Two Honorable Mention in Architecture cat. And one HM in Conceptual cat. At Monochrome Photography Awards 2019
Gold winner in Portfolio/Personal Category and Bronze winner in Portfolio/Fine Art Category at MIFA 2020
HM at IPA One Shot Movement 2020
Gold winner in Architecture, Bronze winner in Portraiture and Architecture, two Honorable Mention in Fine art Architecture and Abstract at PX3 2020
3 HM at Monochrome Ph.Award 2020
Finalist in Portfolio category and New Buildings category at URBAN Photo Award 2021
MIFA 2021: two HM in Fine art Still life category
MINIMALIST PH.AWARD 2021: HM in Fine Art/Abstract category
PX3 2021: Silver, Bronze and HM in Fine Art category
IPA 2021: HM in Architecture
BIFA 2021: Silver place in Fine Art/Abstract cat.
TIFA 2021: Silver Place in Fine Art/Special effects cat. and four works selected
MONOCHROME PH.AWARD 2021: HM in Architecture and in Photomanipulation