/ 2021 / Architecture / Cityscape

Isolation Week One

This image was captured from the roof of my building during the first week of lockdown in New York City. It is a double exposure of the cityscape, looking north. It expresses the feeling of isolation and emptiness we experienced, as our inhabitants withdrew on order to deal with this crises.

At the heart of my photographic work over the past twenty years has been my fascination with Manhattan’s cityscape, and its constant evolution. Between 2003 and 2009 I had 3 solo exhibitions at OK Harris Works of Art, entitled, Mecca or Madness, Billscapes,and Deconstruction. Each body of work, while linked in a perceptual investigation of urban environment, has expressed this mission in a uniquely different way.

Manhattan’s constantly changing visual plan continues to inspire me to explore its physical complexity. More recently, I have included toy cameras and my cell phone in my toolbox.

Awards 2020 Honorable Mention, NYC4PA, Abstract
2020 Bronze Medal, Architecture, One Eyeland
2020 Nominee, Black and White Spider Awards, Fine Art,
2020 Award, Motif Competition, Reflection
2019 Bronze Medal, Fine Art, One Eyeland Competition
2018 Independent Photographer, Landscape, Editor’s Choice
2017 Medal of Distinction, 10th International Color Awards,
2016 Honorable Mention, IPA Family of Man. Childhood
2016 Honorable Mention 9th Int’l Color Awards, , Fine Art
2015 Honorable Mention, Black and White Spider Awards, Abstract
2015 Finalist, Cityscapes, 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Competition
2015 Silver Medal, Fine Art, One EyeLand Competition
Bronze Medal, Cityscape, Cityscapes Unplugged,
2014 Nominee, 8th International Color Awards,
Fine Arts,Architecture
2014 Honorable Mention, Cityscapes Unplugged,
Moscow International Foto Awards
2014 Honorable Mention, Abstract,
9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards
2014 Bronze Medal, Fine Art, One Eye Land Competition
Honorable Mention, Specialty Cameras-Holga
2013 Honorable Mention, Cityscape,
8th Annual Black and White Spider Awards
2013 Juror Award, Cityscape, Fine Art Photography,
Grand Prix de la Photographie
2013 Silver Medalist, Architecture-Cityscape,
One Eye Land Competition
2012 Honorable Mention, Cityscape,
International Photographers of America
2012 Honorable Mention, Cityscapes,
Julia Margaret Cameron 4th Edition
2012 Finalist, Cityscape, Art Takes Times Square
2011 Honorable Mention, Cityscape,
Julia Margaret Cameron, 3rd Edition
2011 Honorable Mention, Buildings, Int'l.Photographers of America
2010 IPF Fellowship, Aaron Siskind Foundation
2009 Honorable Mention, Cityscape, Int'l.Photographers of America
2008 Second Place, Fine Art, American Photography 24
2008 Second Place, Fine Art, Advertising Photographers of America
2007 Honorable Mention, Fine Art, Int'l.Photographers of America