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As a photographer used to making work outside of my home. I have been working on self portraits for quite some time. Now more than ever I had myself. It brings out my humor and fantastic ideas into light. Through my camera and love for fables and stories. As an artist it has opened new spaces to make work out of my new normal. I wanted to clear the fe an artist. I have enjoyed myself making images that make my audience think and laugh. It has also been therapeutic for me. A way to live outside this world of A way to live outside this world of confinement, fear and uncertainty.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I started my photography career as an intern for many photographers in Caracas when I was younger. Then I moved to the United States and enrolled for undergrad in Photographic studies and theater at BARD College. Then transferred to NYU my junior year . I also completed an MFA in NYC at the ICP-BARD masters in photographic studies. I worked at condense as an assistant to the editor for a year until I decided to Strat my freelance career in fashion and photography. I am currently working on my self portraits " A series of unfortunate fortunate events.

Awards Scholarships, Awards and publications.
2020 Interview on Union Radio.
El universal article and interview on my current work
Univision interview on current work

2018 NY POST interview about public Art
Radio interviews, El universal, El nacional. NY arts magazine.

2014 Editorial Nos.3 Magazine
Participant in Salon Jovenes con FIA Feria Internacional de Arte de Caracas
Recipient of the Jovenes Fotogragos emprendedores. Caracas, Venezuela
El Nacional. Nespaper Sunday Magazine. Todo en Domingo Caracas, Venezuela
El Universal. Newspaper. La individual del Lunes Caracas Venezuela
The photography post January 2011.
Forward Thinking museum 2011
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Selected for the photographers Forum Annual book. 2010
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tunoticierodigital.com 2010
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NY Arts Magazine, two page feature, new upcoming photographers. Fall 2009.
Complot Magazine. Article. 2008
Recipient of the ICP-BARD scholarship 2007
Winner of Dom Perignon, New York, competition 2006
Digit.com Germany 2007
Recipient of an honoree award Art Fair Caracas, Venezuela 2006
Recipient of a Mention Exxon Mobil Art Salon Caracas Venezuela 2005
Absolute arts.com 2002 PLus Ultra Gallery. Salon Style. .