/ 2021 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

Parallel Space

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Other, Bronze in Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced
  • Photographer
    Yidan Lu, United States

This is a series of photos in which multiple dimensions are combined. Each photo is a reflection of my ego, id, and superego. During the year of quarantine in the pandemic, I recorded my grotesque dream feelings, connected with my memory fragments and current emotions, and released the suppressed self in the subconscious to stimulate my super-dimensional perception. These photos look both realistic and illusory, like a layer of fog. However, if you follow the clues to look carefully, you will discover a new continent.

Yidan Lu was born in China. She graduated in Stage Design in Academia di Brera, Milan, and her second Master’s degree in photography in San Francisco, the United States. Now she is based in San Francisco. Yidan Lu’s work showed at the Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai; the MA-EC gallery, Milan; Palazzo Ducale di Urbino, Urbino; Luoyang Contemporary Art Space, Luoyang, etc. In the meantime, she is also the founder of Tu1Tu, an Art public welfare institution, to help Chinese artists gain support from society.

Awards Bronze in Professional Portfolio-Fine Art Category of Moscow International Foto Awards, 2021;
Fine art-special effects, Tokyo International Photo Awards, 2020, 2 categories of honorable Mention;
7th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards in the professional level,2 categories of silver;
Monochrome Photography Awards, 2019, 2 categories of honorable Mention;
6th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards in the professional level, 2 categories of silver.
Her work was also collected by the Italian Consulate in Shanghai and awarded the honorary title in 2013.