/ 2021 / Architecture / Industrial


  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Industrial
  • Photographer
    Sven Fennema
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    Sven Fennema Fotografie
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Since many years I capture abandoned places. In those years the way nature strikes back and brings new life into lost places is what is one of the most fascinating things for me. Not only how fast and where it grows, but it also changes emptiness and tristesse into new and blooming life, it creates a symbiosis and atmosphere. It is often unbelievable where plants and trees are able to grow: Right through the concrete and around steel. It makes you aware we humans are not the kings of our planet: We are guests and the nature is setting the rules.

On his photographic travels across Europe he finds unique treasures to photograph. One focus of his photography are forgotten places. He captures the ailing motifs in a touching world, somewhere between the past and today in vibrant and living pictures.
Each of his works is the result of the confrontation and connection with a place, it’s atmosphere and its history. Since 2010 Sven is publishing international in books, magazines and exhibiting worldwide.