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Quarr Abbey

Quarr Abbey is a catholic benedictine monastery, just off the south coast of England, on the Isle of Wight.

I have been working as a professional photographer for the past two years. Trained in the arts, I live between Paris and London. My work takes me across the world, seeking stories of new places to share with my audience. From these travels I bring back unique memories of the moments I capture in new places.

I look for moments that are quietly unique. Often an isolated thing or person in an environment that on first glance is ordinary but on second glance tells a subtle story. Light plays an essential part of how I see that story being told, creating a mood and provoking feeling in each image

Awards 2021
-Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) 2021, Honorable Mentions in Architecture, Interiors and Fine Art categories

-International Photography Awards (IPA) 2020, Honorable Mentions in Architecture Category (Jury top 5 Pick), Night Photography Category and Animals Category categories
-Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2020, Abstract Category Honorable Mention
-San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards 2020, Gold Award
-Minimalist Photography Awards 2020, Abstract Category Honorable Mention
-10th Annual International Photography Competition, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa, US). First Place in ‘Abstract Photography’ and Second Place in ‘Still Life’.
-Abstract nominee, Fine Art Photography Awards
-London Photo Festival, Competition Winner (march 2020)
-Artjobs, Artist of the month (february 2020)

-British Photography Award, Shortlisted in the Fine Art Category
-Tokyo International Foto Awards, Silver Winner, People Category
-International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019, Fine Art Category Honorable Mentions
-International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019, People Category Honorable Mentions
-Featured by The National Geographic, “Keep Still”
-Featured in YourDailyPhotograph.com, ‘Inspiration’ Submissions
-Featured in YourDailyPhotograph.com, ‘Sailboats’ Submissions
-‘-scapes’ Exhibition, Honourable Mention. PH21 Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)
-‘Abstract Photography’ Exhibition, London Photo Festival. 2nd Place.
-Minimalist Photography Awards 2019, Landscape Category Honorable Mentions
-Minimalist Photography Awards 2019, Architecture Category Honorable Mentions
-‘Portraits Without Faces‘ Exhibition, Honourable Mention. PH21 Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)