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Fighting Hep-C in Georgia

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Annual Reports
  • Photographer
    John Rae
  • Credit
    John Rae

Find Dx is pioneering a Hepatitis C rapid test with intravenous drug users in The Republic of Georgia. Clients can get their results in less than an half an hour. Based on their results they can get immediate counseling and medications. Previously blood tests took days to return from central laboratories. The images will be used in Find Dx's annual report and on the web.

John Rae is a professional documentary and commercial photographer based in NYC. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and leading International Nongovernmental Organizations. For 20 years John has photographed extensively in over 85 countries and those photographs have appeared in major publications in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Awards John has won numerous awards in the US and Europe.