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Visit to Niemeyer

El Centro Niemeyer (Avilés, España) fue concebido como un espacio recreativo y cultural. En mi reciente visita tuve un sentimiento contrario: parecía un ejemplo de estuco hecho por el hombre, pero de alguna manera lo superó. Este trabajo es el resultado de esa visita.

I was born in Murcia (Spain) in 1949 and most of my life I have spent in that city where I currently reside.
From a very young age, I was very attracted to painting as a means of expression (I remember spending hours as a child smudging pages). But life took me in other ways.
After a couple of attempts to return to the painting I found in the photograph, a very appropriate means of expression.
My first camera I acquired over 25 years old and I photograph everything that I find in my path. The circumstances make me leave this activity and it is much later, coinciding with the arrival of the digital era when I return to the image
Photography is, for me, a fun to which I dedicate too many hours. Actually, I am a painter who does not know how to draw and who finds in the camera an excellent substitute for brushes.
I am very interested in the composition, but even more in the light and how to model with it.
I have no preferences in the type of work (landscape, urban, portrait, b & w or color). My career extends from the landscape to urban urban photography and from here to "fantastic realism". I do not have official studies in this field and almost everything I have learned from working on the computer.
Self-taught my influences always range from the school of obscurantism to the impressionists and the black cinema.
My current activity focuses mainly on the search for an increasingly refined form of expression and according to what I want to express