/ 2020 / Book / Other

Up in Flames

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Other
  • Photographer
    linda troeller
  • Credit
    Linda Troeller

This book is a combination of the emotions and atmosphere following a fire in the middle of the night where I was awakened asleep in my bed by embers of my burning bedroom wall. It was a traumatic event as I was unable to save most of my photography archive and years of diaries as the house burned to the ground. I was able to secure as much as I could to storage location and then re-photographed memories, articles, objects after they dried in summer sun.
The book project is an homage to a unique time in photography's history.

My photography is focused on healing, community, sexual issues and self-portraiture. Projects have led to four books and my photographs have been collected by the Norton Museum; University of Texas, Austin and a self-portrait show in special collections, 2022 at Bryn Mawr College. As an art documentary photographer I have had the chance to bring images from gallery walls to media that, for example, helped change Finland's government to stop stamping passports with the HIV stigma. In my photographs of women and myself I am devoted to raising awareness through creative experiments.

Awards Lucie IPA TB-AIDS Diary and Self-Portraiture
Pictures of the Year 1st Place
Douglass College Women of Achievement
Friends of Photography Ferguson Award
Living in the Chelsea Hotel, Schiffer IPA Book Prize
Healing Waters Aperture
Erotic Lives of Women Scalo
Spa Journeys powerHouse Books