/ 2020 / Architecture /

Take your time.

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Interior, 2nd Place winner in Architecture
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Lorenzo Lumeras

Time spreads, expands in this interiors. Time speaks, remains. To be present and portrait it, unifies present and past. An instant of eternity. Take your time inside, stare at this spaces surrounded by outdated walls calmly. Feel peace,and serenity, recreate what once happened; forgotten lives,memories and past glories. Something is not perceptible to our eyes: its apparent vacuousness is coming to life; crevices give way to emerging roots,shrubs and trees.Decay is beauty. Take your time and receive peace.

Awards Honour mention PRAXIS gallery Minneapolis EEUU. 2016
Selected exibition PRAXIS GALLERY (MINNEAPOLIS)2019

Collective exhibition MILLEPIANI gallery ROME.
DECEMBER 2019 and March 2020.

first prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" 2016
Exhibition at "Palacio de Linares" Cibeles (Madrid) 2016
Second prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" photo prize. 2019
Second prize "Sala el Brocense" Visual arts awards. Cáceres (Spain) 2018