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Colored Underworld

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Interior, 1st Place winner in Architecture
  • Company
    Peter Plorin Photography
  • Photographer
    Peter Plorin

Colored Underworld is about to show the beauty of these underground facilities through the dynamics of the colors, and to decouple them from your builder, operators and users.

Grown up in the sixties in a small town in the Lower Rhine Area, he has been influenced by the Lower Rhine landscape and also by industrial heritage and architectural diversity. This affected previously his work as painter. Later on, with the coming of the digital age, he swapped back to photography, which he had performed occasionally before with analogue cameras alongside the painting. His Main topics are expressive and high-quality photographic images out of the subject’s architecture, landscape from many different countrys, Sport and Peoplephotography.

Awards 2020 PX3, Prix de la Photography
Architecture Photographer of the Year
Gold Medal Colored Underworld Architecture
2020 Sony World Photography Awards
Shortlist Architecture
2020 IPA New York Professional
3rd Place Architecture - Interior Project " Look uP"
Honorable Mention Award
2020 15th Spider black & white Award
Honorable Mention
2020 Siena International Award Finalist
2020 13th International Color Awards
2nd Place Architecture
"Merit of Excellence"
2020 HIPA Finalist
2019 6th ND Award
3rd Place Bronze Star Award
Architecture – Interior
4 Pic Honorable Mention
2019 TIFA Tokyo
Honorable Mention Winner
2019 14th Spider black & white Award
2 Picture Honorable Mention in Architecture & Photojournalism
2019 IPA New York Professional 3rd Place Architecture - Interior Project
4 Times Honorable Mention, Architecture, Press - Politics, Sport
2019 Monovision Award 5 Times Honorable Mention Award Architecture, 1 Times Honorable Mention Award Landscape
2019 International Photography Awards Oneshot/ Street Photo New York Contest 3 Times Honorable Mention Award
2019 German International DVF-Photocup GIP Gold Medal
2019 Siena International Photoawards 2 Times Finalist Architecture & Sports
2019 5th Fine Art Photography Awards 4 Times Nominee Award
2019 Honorable Mention Architecture International Color Award
2019 2 Times Finalist and Nominee Architecture International Color Award
2018 2 Times Bronze Winner One EyeLand Indien Architecture-Bridges Fine Art-Other
2018 Silver Winner TIFA Tokyo Architecture - Bridges
2018 Monochrome Awards 3 Times Honorable Mention Profs Architecture & Fine Art
2018 ND Award 2 Times Honorable Mention Architecture-Bridges, Nature-Landscape
2018 IPA New York Professional 1st Place Architecture - Bridges
2018 IPA New York Professional 3 Times Honorable Mention, Architecture & Fine Art
2018 Siena International Photoawards Remarkable Award
2013 Sony World Photography of the Year
Shortlist Architecture