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The Road to Cemetery Bay

Retro Fashion Love story.

Alwyn is an Award winning photographer, shooting fashion and celebrity portraits.
He's published in the book silver footprint.
A fantastic set of photographs from some of the world's greatest photographers. A charity book Hidden Gems 25 of Britain's leading photographers take 100 shots of famous individuals.
His image of Jerry Hall was included in her "life in pictures" book and chosen for the cover with Norman Parkinson on the back cover.
His project www.savingelephants.co.uk captures the life of elephants.
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Awards National Polaroid award 1st
Uk National Heritage Award 1st at
Bradford photographic museum presented by David Hockney.
Pretty polly fashion award 1st
AOP nomination award and book entry
AOP exhibition
Reuters exhibition / elephant exhibition and auction.
Bornfree auction elephant images.
Contact sheet exhibition London (aop)
Nominated in the NHM wild life awards.
B/W spider awards winners in the wildlife category
Exhibitions around London including Pall Mall Gallery, Born free exhibition sponsored by land rover remembering elephants.
Other Joint exhibitions in :-
Getty gallery London
Bradford photographic exhibition,
Robin Bell silver footprint exhibition,
Lucy bell gallery.
Glimpse gallery sandgate Kent uk.
Future exhibitions to be held in London, Switzerland and Hong Kong