/ 2020 / Special / Special Effects

New York City

  • Prize
    Silver in Special/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Ibrahim Salah

New York City
During my visit to New York at the IPA World Awards in October 2019
! Spent a week there attending the celebration!
While roaming, I went to get to know the city and take some pictures! I used to live every day in a certain situation and feel differently too! In this group I wanted to show my feelings towards this city !!
Every day there is something new and a different feeling ..........
I hope you like it

Ibarhim Nabeel
Jordanian photographer
I always look forward to trying new techniques, perspectives and combinations to create personal style.
She received international awards and international recognition. My most prestigious award was winning 1st place / Special Effects / IPA 2019

Awards 1st place / Special Effects / IPA 2019
In addition to
2nd place ND Awards 2019 in Fine Art - Other
2nd place ND Awards 2019 in Fine Art - Photomanipulation
ND honorable mention - Abstract 2019
IPA honorable mention - Architect 2019
IPA honorable mention - cityscape -2019
IPA honorable mention --- absract 2019
IPA honorable mention - Fine Art -2019
honorable mention Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 Street

Creative Photo Awards Siena Awards 2020 runner up- Architectural

The 100 best urban landscape photographers 35Awards 2019
The 100 best Street photography photographers 35Awards 2019
The 100 great photographers Street photography 35Awards 2019