/ 2020 / Press / Sports

The Wall (2)

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Sports
  • Company
    Visual Decadence
  • Photographer
    Patrick Ems
  • Credit
    Big wave surfer (identity unknown)

Big wave surfers are in search of the perfect ride and the biggest waves ever surfed, knowing that every ride could pull them down into the depths of the ocean. With that certainty, every moment means pure freedom and a life lived the most intense way possible. (Nazaré, Portugal)

When the world of photography captured my heart, it changed the way I perceived the world. I realised that experiences in life and the emotions we feel can be captured in a moment to live on forever in a photograph. Chased by emotions and haste, I felt like a child exploring an unknown world; there was no plan of where this journey would take me.

“Photography, a love affair transforming moments into eternal journeys” [Patrick Ems]