/ 2020 / Portraiture / Wedding

Bill and Krystal

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Wedding
  • Photographer
    Karen Regan

My nephew and his bride. They were so excited about being married, that they were wanting to do anything and everything to get the best photos.... this is one of my favourites. Jumping for Joy!

Photography for me has developed into a love and passion. I enjoy taking portraits most of all, but love to try new things. Since my first entry here at PX3 took an honourable mention all those years ago - I have branched out and have tried landscape, weddings, more portraits and even some art photography. What a great hobby this is!
I am 52 years old, work in healthcare and am also a musician - I play bagpipes (the passion of music has also inspired me!) I'm also inspired by Karsh, the Art World and all the photographers here that enter PX3 competitions.

Awards Honourable Mention in PX3 Amateur Portrait of Chelsea and Dax.
Silver Award PX3- Student/Amateur Wedding Portraiture 2020 for Bill and Krystal - jumping for joy