/ 2020 / Nature / Earth

The Eye of the Earth

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Qidong Lin

Grand Prismatic Spring's colors match most of those seen in the rainbow. It gives people a feeling that's the eye and the origin of the earth.
It's extremely hard to get a shot without the Grand Prismatic Spring covers by fog since its temperature is too high. Got this shot when I was traveling in Yellowstone National Park before, there's not a strong wind, that day was cloudy but at that moment it was clear, luckily I got this shot before the cloud covered the sun again.

Samsara Lin is a CA based photographer and he joined National Geographic society in 2016. He has six years experience in photography and he's also a drone pilot. He won multiple awards in competitions such as IPA.

Awards - 2018 IPA Award Winner, 2018 AFAR Finalist Winner,
- 2018 TIFA Award Winner,
- Photographs were published in Forbes, Discovery, National Geographic, 1x.com, etc.