/ 2020 / Nature / Earth

Above Shark Bay World Heritage Area

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Mark Boyle
  • Credit
    Mark Boyle

This is a series of aerial images taken above the Shark Bay World Heritage Area in Western Australia. Shot from a light plane at an altitude of approximately 2500 feet.

I have found shooting at this height to be the ideal altitude. It is high enough to begin abstracting the landscape but not so high as to begin to lose important detail.

My vision for my aerial work is to use the elements of colour, pattern, shape, texture and light to create images of depth and ambiguity.

My name is Mark Boyle and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

Photography has been the one constant throughout my life since my early teens. I worked as a commercial photographer in the 1990’s but left the industry in 1997 to study multimedia technology.

However, since then I have concentrated on my own photography when possible, focusing mainly on landscape and travel.

Most recently I have begun exploring aerial photography. Something I have wanted to do for a very long time as I felt it would be a medium well suited to my style and aesthetic.