/ 2020 / Fine Art / Architecture


  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Stefano Degli Esposti

Study about the architecture of Manhattan’s skyline according to a minimal style. Urban textures made from lines, shapes, dots where to find relax by losing own eyes. A smooth bidimensional vision of New York, rather different than the ordinary way we all are used to see, such to look like a quiet and silent city. Reportage performed in motion aboard of a river cruise.

Non-professional photographer, attitude for non-staged shots, mainly oriented to abstract. Love to create images according to my feeling depending on emotions caught from situations. Many exhibitions made since 2015, either single and shared. MIA photo fair 2017 edition the most important.

Awards 2017: Calcutta Journalists Club exhibition, winner in cat. Abstract
2018: PX3, bronze medal in cat. Nature/Earth
2019: IPA, three honorable mentions
2019: 13th Color Awards, two honorable mentions
2020: LightSpace Time, 10th CistyScapes, two honorable mentions
2020: LightSpace Time, 11th Abstracts, one honorable mention
2020: LightSpace Time, 4th Patterns, one 7th place, one honorable mention
2020: PX3, one gold medal plus one silver medal in Fine Art/Architecture, one silver medal in Nature/Sky, one honorable mention in Special Effects/Special