/ 2020 / Fine Art / Collage

In a beginning...

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Collage
  • Photographer
    Bea Rivas
  • Credit
    In a beginning...

"In a beginning, uncertain yet, appeared the woman, a being created fibre by fibre of sugar, adorned with so many golden threads as emotions, a being that melts down with every word that infuses fire in her, and that freezes, raising the strongest wall, with those that arrive like icebergs upon her. Then, that cover appears, it’s more than just skin, it’s a conductor of emotions, of beatings, of vibrations. And the woman appeared, and with her the sweetness of the things made with the delicacy that can only be found in that being.”

Camila Urrea Morales

Spanish documentary photographer who has focused his main personal projects on subjects related to environment, economy, and social issues that shape the real world.

Graduated and economist by profession, she has lived and worked long periods of her life in Barcelona and Paris. He currently resides in Madrid and combines his work with Photography and Video.

Sometimes she use collage to explore complex themes such as feminism or society behavior.

Awards - Encuentros fotográficos de Gijón. New Talent Scholarship 2019
- Objectius pel Canvi. València Clima i Energia. Winner 2019
- XLIX Ciudad de Alcalá Awards. Honorable Mention 2018
- III Signo Editores Photography Contest. Finalist Special Jury Prize 2018
- 10th Edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers. Finalist. 2018
- Chromatics Awards.International Color Photography Awards. Honorable Mention 2017
- OnPhoto Soria. Winner 2017
- Albarracín Photography and Journalism Seminar, Teruel. Scholarship Winner 2017
and Finalist 2016
- entreFotos XIV. First Prize 2012