/ 2020 / Fine Art / People


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Mário Patrocínio
  • Credit
    Mário Patrocínio

Angola (2020)

As the roles of females in society continue to be discussed, these images bare testimony to the relentless cycle of life, and the transforming powers that bestow women such strength and sensibility.

As a film director, Mário Patrocínio is known for his cinematic, raw, and emotive human portraits across film and documentary. He is also notorious for his flexibility to work across various formats, his spontaneity and emotional approach to directing actors and capturing "real people" and his way of telling a carefully crafted story with an engaging cinematic aesthetic.

Mario's photographs reveal his own journey, but more than documenting memories they take us through intimate and deep existential provocations and the feelings that this process invokes.