/ 2020 / Book / Documentary

Sunctuary of the housing complex

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Hitomi Hasegawa
  • Credit
    hitomi hasegawa

Two years ago, I started taking pictures of Brazilians.l.One day in a tattoo shop,I met a Brazilian girl named Sachi.The tattoo shop is seen as abnormality even among the Brazilian community.Sachi and I made friend.One day, she got a tattoo on her cheek. Getting a tattoo on one’s face will rid of job opportunities here in Japan.The next day, we took a picture together. I don't know why.But I really wanted to take a picture with her. I had a bird's eye view of the Brazilians.However, I finally realized that I came to know the sanctuary in this housing complex through only one person I care.