/ 2020 / Book / Monograph


  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Monograph
  • Photographer
    Rokas Jankus
  • Credit
    Rokas Jankus

During an internship in New York City I shot primarily candid street scenes. Most people seemed somehow lost to me, either geographically, mentally or even phisically. Its that second before they recognize me taking the picture, somehow giving me an intimate moment with a person I never gonna see again in my life. They open up, like it would be the most private place, in fact being the least private environment I can imagine.

Rokas was born 35 years ago in Vilnius, Lithuania, today he is an architect and photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He passionately captures daily life on sensors, film and ultimately on paper and tries to find beauty [or absurdity] in commonplace situations on his way. He mostly has no aim in beforehand, likes to utilise a certain feeling of a place or situation to create something within or after the process of shooting. He sees his photography as a visualisation of his thoughts and feelings just for a certain period of time and likes to think of it as self-portraiture sometimes.