/ 2020 / Book / Nature

Perseveration: The Heron of a Huron River

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Nature
  • Photographer
    Glenn Hieber

Decade project. 12 dozen images of riparian heron. A letter difference in river & tribe name "Huron" and heron. Prevailing etymology of French slur "hure" is a guttural the likes of which get only first initial in wider audience. It traces from unspoken Establishment derisive passed down generations for mullets peasants showed up with for a gruesome 1358 Jacquerie northeastern Paris suburb uprising. It likens "big head" hair with mantle hair of barren Black Plague wild bore when piqued. Goose pimples. h-word hair, whisper, racism appear upon gifting precision European tomahawks to New France.

Priority remains at TBI Photography reaching survivors who, to date, decline medical help per fear of social stigma surviving towards an insulted brain. The millennium wars brought home TBIs, their signature injury, from the improvised explosive devises (IEDs) soldiers were ordered into, and as well the resulting explosion in brain science which followed. This is indeed an exciting time for diagnosis and care, upon onset. Life indeed may change with TBI, but doesn't have to end. Leaving it still, what you make it.