/ 2020 / Architecture / Cityscape

The big Apple

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Cityscape
  • Photographer
    Eli Matityahu

״ The big Apple" series, I created during my stay in New York in September, October 2018. Some of the works were taken in long expo. from the Dembo area, near the Brooklyn Bridge, on a high foggy day. The 30-second exposure taken with a tripod gives the picture another dimension, the dimension of time. New York represents for me extremes from opposite sides, the beautiful and the ugly, the clean and the dirty, etc. But here in this series I was moved by its aesthetic side with the pastel colors against the clear sky that emphasize the picturesque esthetics (although I usually work in black

Eli Matityahu Artist Statement A Piece of Art, in my point of view, is a “meeting point” between the artist and the viewer. After shooting the frame, I continue with Post Prosesing on my computer, according to my inspiration and creativity. In my work, I present the reality as I see It in my vision and my “mind’s eye”. Be it Surrealistic, Realistic or Abstract . Recently I specialize in fine art, long exposure & Architecture . The Long exposure allows me to present the “Time Dimension”. I live & create in Jerusalem Israel. I photograph since 20 years, and during that time I took many courses,

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