/ 2020 / Special / Smartphone Photography

Fog in Bourgogne

  • Prize
    Bronze in Special/Smartphone Photography
  • Photographer
    Stéphane Navailles

Quand le brouillard rencontre l'homme, la nature et l'eau!

I have been practising photo since 1993, the year when I discovered San Francisco, its tramcars and hip hop culture.

The town appealed to me as much as in my memory of the film Bullit, I'd seen a few years before. Above all, urban

graffs engrossed my interest: they meant a lot to me.

Back in Paris a bad "guy" named burn-out ingratiated itself into my professional existence. Nothing made sense

to me any more. I even pawned my favourite camera ! After months and months of "nothingness", my horizon

opened up again to the beauty of lines, curves, people, in black and white or in colors.

Mentions Honorables.
Selected in Viviane Maier Inspired, Street in B&W, High Level Street Photography Gallery... Printed in Photographize magazine Eye Photo Magazine Dodho magazine...