/ 2020 / Special / Night Photography

Star Tracks

  • Prize
    Silver in Special/Night Photography
  • Company
    Craig Bill Photography
  • Photographer
    Craig Bill

These images are still time-lapses and day-to-night projects that started before sunset and finally ended about dawn due to the cameras batteries being exhausted. The holy grail of still time-lapse imagery and star trail images is a successful series of long exposure photographs up to 1000 shots and can entail extensive spans of time, energy, preparation and sometimes luck to land.

Craig Bill is a landscape and travel photographer, biologist and naturalist producing award-winning images including a #1 panoramic image in the world, numerous Photographer of the Year awards such as a World Landscape Photographer of the Year, World Fine Art Photographer of the Year and achieving a Master of Photography in Fine Art. Additionally, Craig's images are collected by U.S. presidents, celebrities, and private fine art collectors internationally. He has had an affinity for the art of photography for most of his life resulting in a vivid, high impact style that he is known for.