/ 2020 / Press / People/Personality

Erase Me From the Internet

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/People/Personality
  • Photographer
    natasha pszenicki
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Sam set out on a mission to delete himself from the internet; all content whether imagery or profiles. It was eye-openingly difficult, near impossible in fact to leave no trace; as if the internet has a memory, a ghost of you. That other copy of you may be unclear, imperfect, but still a version, and the layers of oneself can be distorted, manipulated and not be far enough away from the real you - whoever that may be. This was all done in camera; pre shot, printed, mounted on board, held.

I'm a London based photographer shooting Portraits and Still Life as Manager of the DMG Photo Studio. I have been freelancing since 2008 and enjoy a broad spectrum of clients and styles. I love to work as part of a creative team to create visually exciting and bold imagery.