/ 2020 / Press / Nature/Environmental


  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Nature/Environmental
  • Company
    The Yomiuri Shimbun
  • Photographer
    Atsushi Taketazu
  • Credit
    Atsushi Taketazu

An aerial photo shows Yoshiyaki, reed burning, in the Watarase retarding basin straddles Tochigi, Ibaraki Gunma and Saitama Prefecture,JAPAN on March 16, 2019. About 440 reed farmers set fire to about 1,500-hectare reed field and 9,200 spectators enjoyed watching the dynamic fire show. The annual burning started in 1950' to avoid harmful insects and prompt plant growth.

Atsushi Taketazu was born in Oita-Japan, in 1975. He graduated from Saitama University with a degree in education and started his career as a photographer of the Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese daily newspaper) in 1999. He is based in Tokyo. He held exhibitions of his pictures, Canon gallery Ginza (Tokyo-Japan) and Canon galley Umeda (Osaka-Japan) in 2006, Kouenji Sirokuro (Tokyo-Japan) in 2008, Canon gallery Ginza (Tokyo-Japan) and Canon galley Umeda (Osaka-Japan) and Canon galley Sapporo (Hokkaido -Japan) in 2013. Taketazu has received several honors, including IPA,Prix de la Photographie, Paris(Px3), Photography Masters Cup.

Awards IPA,PX3