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The Rainforest at the crossroads

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    Silver in Press/Nature/Environmental
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  • Photographer
    Marcio Pimenta
  • Credit
    Marcio Pimenta

Deforestation can lead to a situation where the forest can no longer regenerate due to the scale of man-made aggression. If the current rate of devastation is maintained (or increased), this "point of no return" could be reached in 15 to 30 years.

I chose to document the climate crisis from the perspective of history and geography. The identity of a people is not dissociated from culture and the historical process. We need to understand how we relate to geography. A record that is a repository of human memories. The human condition.

Marcio Pimenta (Brazil, 1975) studied economics at Salvador University and a PhD in American Studies at the University of Santiago de Chile before moving to photography. He traveled throughout Latin America and part of Western Europe (England, Spain, France and Portugal) to study conflicts, humanitarian issues and environmental tragedies. In 2014 covered the biggest environmental tragedy in the history of Brazil. In 2016 and 2017 he went to Iraq to cover the war against the Islamic State. His work was published by magazines National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, El País, DIE Zeit, Public Radio International, among others.
In 2016 he received the Petrobras Journalism Award for his work for National Geographic on the water crisis in southeastern Brazil. In the same year he also received the Massey Ferguson Prize for Photojournalism. He was one of the most awarded journalists in Brazil in 2016.
He currently lives in Brazil and is dedicated to individual projects and assignments.

Awards Petrobras Journalism Award 2015.
Massey Ferguson Award for Photojournalism 2017
Massey Ferguson Award for Photojournalism 2016
New Holland Photojournalism Award. Finalist. 2016.
New Holland Photojournalism Award. Finalist with two works. 2015.
Kontinent Awards 2013. Official Selection in Nature and Unique Image. Uckuyular / Izmir - Turkey