/ 2020 / Portraiture / Culture

Marks of Devotion

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Culture
  • Company
    Natalia Mroz Photography
  • Photographer
    Natalia Mroz
  • Credit

This series explores Orthodox Christian practices in Ethiopia. Although the country is modernising rapidly, ancient practices remain strong, particularly in the holy city of Lalibela and the Gheralta region, where ancient churches provide shelter and spiritual solace for thousands of pilgrims, monks and priests. Signs of devotion create a mystical, spiritual atmosphere as people engage in silent contemplation – from tattoos on the face and hands to chanting a prayer across the landscape.

Natalia is a photographer and content producer. For the last 15 years she has documented social and environmental issues for the United Nations, the Earth Institute at Columbia University, and development and wildlife conservation NGO’s. Her work has taken her from her home in Australia to Africa, where she was based for over ten years, firstly in Ethiopia then Kenya. Natalia studied communications at the University of NSW, where she specialised in journalism and audio-visual production. She is passionate about documenting indigenous cultures and traditions around the world.