/ 2020 / Portraiture / Culture


  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Culture
  • Company
    Vito Finocchiaro
  • Photographer
    vito finocchiaro
  • Credit
    vito finocchiaro

A silent genocide is taking place in the heart of Africa. Environmental protection and ethnic-racial discrimination are killing one of the oldest peoples of the African continent, the Pygmies. Considered as animals, they were removed from the forests with the creation of the National Parks. A discrimination that has generated episodes such as the case of Ota Benga, exposed in the New York zoo and killed himself. With violence, deprived of all means of livelihood, refugees live in villages where they are unable to adapt, falling victim to the depression that drives them to suicide and alcohol.

Vito Finocchiaro, born in Mascali (Sicily) in 1965, is a freelance photographer and winner of national and international Awards. From 1984 to today his photography is a continuous growth, research and comparison with photographers of the national and international panorama. His demo-ethno-anthropological researches have allowed him to live and tell about Continents and Peoples of which he has documented the most extreme suburbs such as China, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda.

Awards • PX3 2020 Silver People
• Hipa Contest 2019 - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (winner);
• CHINA (Silver, Bronze);
• RUSSIA (Bronze);
• INDIA (Bronze);
2 Honorable Mentions);
• PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP International Colour Awards
U.S.A. (Onorable Mention);
• AUSTRALIA (Silver, Bronze);
• I.P.A. International Photography Awards U.S.A. (24 Onorable
• Px3 Gold, Silver, Bronze, FRANCE;
• FIIPA ITALY (Gold, Silver, Bronze);
• Winner Contest “Dai Colore alla Vita”, ITALY.