/ 2020 / Portraiture / Self-Portrait

"You can always get a dog"

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Maartje Brockbernd

You don't take children, but you'll get them. Right? Unfortunately, in our case -Maartje (photographer) and husband Menno- this is more difficult than we ever thought. Both perfectly healthy. The reason why we do not get and stay pregnant has been a riddle for far too long. Repeated miscarriages and an unfulfilled desire to have a child. Subjects you don't like to talk about. If this takes years, the heavier it gets mentally. We've started the IVF process after the IUI process. Menno once said so beautifully: "It has gone wrong so often, the chance that things will go well will only increase."

Awards PX3 2017 ā€“ Gold Winner ā€“ Family Category