/ 2020 / Portraiture / Other


  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Other
  • Company
    Desert Studios, LLC
  • Photographer
    Victory Tischler-Blue
  • Credit
    Victory Tischler-Blue

There’s a time warp deep in the Nevada desert; far beyond the seediness of the Las Vegas Strip; miles down long, lonely stretches of vanishing point highways - way out past the places where the wild horses roam. WILD DOGS chronicles the day-to-day life of old school courtesan’s, soul survivors who -- through the art of sensual seduction -- provide flesh and fantasy for the clients they serve. It may not be mainstream and it may not be politically, morally or even ethically correct. But out here on the fringe, in this untamed place of forgotten time and space it works. And who are we to judge?

VICTORY TISCHLER-BLUE is a motion picture producer, director and fine art photographer whose dark, single-frame tableaux evokes a deep sense of melancholy, tension and cinematic drama. A former member of the iconic '70s all-girl rock band THE RUNAWAYS, Tischler-Blue often casts outliers and others who find themselves straddling their own personal edge. "There's always a minor chord running through my productions - whether it's a motion picture or a still image," she says. "Everyone has a story - some are just darker than others..."