/ 2020 / Portraiture / Other

The Inheritance of Memory

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Other
  • Company
    Timothi Photography
  • Photographer
    Timothi Jane Graham
  • Credit
    Timothi Jane Graham http://www.timothi.com

In August 2019 I began work on The Inheritance Of Memory. I wanted to explore the different paths Holocaust Survivors took after liberation. Many came to America in search of reinvention, others journeyed to Israel where they continued the fight for freedom. Others, in an effort to make sense of the past, went back to the cities and villages they were torn from. I started in California, but my vision moving forward is to journey to Israel and Eastern Europe to capture the last of these survivors. We, as witnesses, are the inheritors of memory, entrusted to carry these stories forward.

Timothi Jane Graham was born and raised in New York. Early projects include a series on the disappearing artists in the east village of Manhattan. Later color work featured the Bishnoi people of the Thar Desert in India as well as villagers in Lodtunduh Indonesia where she documented daily life and ritual. Recent projects include Barbershops and Burlesque, Women and Wolves, and an ongoing piece, Song of Saudara, that tells the story of women of resilience. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and Sugar Magazine as well as in exhibitions in New York and Indonesia.