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What's next: uncertain times after the epidemic.

Since the last weeks of February the Coronavirus pandemic, has been hitting China first, then the European countries and the U.S.
The measures to contain the epidemic in the following 3 months have changed people’s way of life.
This situation makes you wonder what the future holds.
Will the virus come back again? Is this the end of it? No one knows what will happen next.
The aim of this series of portraits is to reflect the feelings of this uncertain times. No context is needed. In the future, looking at these pictures everybody will remember what humanity has gone through.

David Pozzati was born in Prato, Italy.
He completed a degree in DAMS in the disciplines of Art, Music and Theatre at the University of Florence.
At the same time, he started to work as a lighting technician in various theatres and productions in Italy, as well as in Europe.
He started to get interested in photography at age 27, when he lived in Madrid.
After three years in Spain he came back to Italy and started his career in photography focusing on news and under-reported human rights conditions, investigating different aspects of the human condition.