/ 2020 / Nature / Domestic Animals

Birds of my life 2

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Domestic Animals
  • Photographer
    Kristin Schnell
  • Credit
    Kristin Schnell

Birds touches my heart.
I love the magic of photography to celebrate their beauty.
Since I spent a lot of time with my birds I see their differnet characters. One is curious another is totally annoying.
I feel bad when I see birds in small cages.
I try to find a balnce betwenn freedom and protection in my outdoor aviary, it`s like a mirrow of my own life.
Birds of paradise used to be called angels, singing in God`s garden.
The paradise door is just crack open, there are still around 10.000 birds species worldwide.
But the door is closing. Almost silently.To quiet to be heard worldwide.

I have been a freelense photographer for over 25 years.
Photography has given me a good life, valuable encounters with people and places that I would never have known without this profession.

Awards -Participant from Lensculture Masterclass 2019/2020
-IPA honourable mention 2019
-Promotion of culture from state Mecklenburg Vorpommern 2020
-MIFA Bronze medal 2020 for my series "unfree as a bird"
-Solo exhibition "Kunst offen/unfree as a bird" may 2020
-Artist grant from state Mecklenburg Vorpommern 2020