/ 2020 / Nature / Landscape

Les Lapidaires (Lapidaries)

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Landscape, Silver in Nature/Landscape
  • Company
    Quentin Guichard
  • Photographer
    Quentin GUICHARD
  • Credit
    Quentin Guichard

The "lapidaries" is a series of 12 photographs exploring the rough energies of basalt. As a memory of a telluric era, these abstract architectures evoke all the elements : the cycle of waves, the invisible curves of wind, the flow of an incandescent lava frozen in time. The creative process of nature is limitless : these cubist structures, between uplift and collapse, are so powerful that they seems to express our own condition. They crystallised in each cracks and ridges a fragment of an ageless memory, which is also ours. Each photograph, as an engraving, reveals the light within.

Quentin Guichard is graduated from La Fémis, cinematography section, since 2012. He works as director of photography and artist-photographer. As an artist, Quentin Guichard seeks to represent the infinite blows of origins. Working on primal elements, mainly captured in Iceland, his works tries to reach the limits of photographic representation.Quentin Guichard regularly shows his work during exhibitions. The works of his past few years, titled "Souffles élémentaires", was recently showed for the first time in two exhibitions at the Cheloudiakoff and the Bertrand Hassoun galleries (France).

Awards 2018 : PX3. "Honorable mention" for the series "The illuminated spaces".
2015 : IPA. "Honorable mention" for the photography titled "Overscheyt".

2012 : INTERNATIONAL SICHUAN'S FILM FESTIVAL. "Best photography" for "Okanagòn" (short movie category)