/ 2020 / Fine Art / Collage

Labor of Love

It struck her when she was following the harvest workers observing their technique. Like eagles they are magically spotting the cracks in the soft soil giving away the secret where to find the royal vegetable. The patience, passion and persistence of the skilled men and women  who return to the same farms since decades from foreign countries- fascinated Marie. Also the fact that all the labor is performed manually without any help of machinery left a deep impact. For many years Marie was using the hand as a metaphor to portrait life, labor and the stories behind.

Marie Preaud, born in France, is recognized for her sensitive portraits of children. She studied photography in Paris at Speos School of Photography and in New York at the International Center of Photography. In New York, her career took off. There, she started her long-term project of interracial couples and opened her first studio in Tribeca with her husband Horst Hamann. She got regular assignments and worked for publications throughout the United States. Marie is the recipient of ASMP-NY award and has published seven books. ( Panorama,Christian and Insel publishing houses)