/ 2020 / Book / Monograph

Three Minutes

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Monograph
  • Company
    Contour by Getty Images
  • Photographer
    Riccardo Ghilardi
  • Credit
    Riccardo Ghilardi

Seeing and being seen is the very essence of cinema. What happens if the gaze reveals not only what we expect, but also that unknown world behind the scenes where reality reveals itself in all its most human, natural, secret and obstinately hidden aspects? During cinema festivals I have 3 minutes to show all this, the condensed time of what was before ā€“ and which no one saw - and that which will come after - which everyone will see. Images that will sculpt our imagination, travel around the world and define in days to come this time, this season, the sparkle of these days.

I was born in Rome in 1971. In 2007, I showed a reportage on the life of a Fire Brigade team, in which I had served for many years. In 2008, my artistic focus shifted towards the cinema. In 2011, I joined the team of portraitists of the international Contour by Getty Images agency based in New York and I have been published by the top Italian and international magazines. In 2018, during International Rome Film Festival, I showed my new project Three Minutes that celebrates my art of portraiting celebrities in very few minutes.