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  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Industrial
  • Company
    Carlo D'Orta Art Studio
  • Photographer
  • Credit
    Carlo D'Orta

In my photo/artistic project "(Re)FineArt" I read the industrial reality with an interpretation that has a pictorial heart, selecting particular visual perspectives and views and contrasting lights and colors with poetic liturgy. The starting point are the places of heavy industry (oil, chemicals, steel). Of these places I give a visual interpretation without moralism, without the manner of reporters, but with a “metaphisical” or an "impressionistic"approach. I have taken these images in 2012 in the OMV Refinery of Schewchat (Austria) and in 2017 in ENI Refineries of Marghera and San Nazzaro.

Carlo D'Orta (Florence 1955 - www.carlodortaarte.it). He has pursued his passion for photography for 40 years. From 2003 to 2010 he attended advanced painting classes at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and a photography master at European Institut of Design (IED) in Milan, and devoted himself to the study of contemporary art. As a result, his photographic perspective undergoes a radical change. He abandons the documentary approach and try shots that tend towards abstraction, or tinged with a metaphysical/surrealist vision. The color sensitivity gained during the training gives his photographs a strong painting characterization, sometimes because of limited interventions in post-production on lights and colors. He favors the architecture and dance.
Since 2010 he had solo expositions in museums and in public and private galleries in the main Italian cities (Roma, Milano, Venezia, Bologna, and others) and in european cities (Berlin, Frankfurt, Colonia). His works are in the collections of the National Bank of Italy, Italian Chamber of Deputies, Architektenkammer Baden-Wurttemberg, Contemporary Art Museum of Spoleto, Italian Institut of Culture in New York, and others.

Awards PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
In 2017 Honorable Mention with the series Biocities Two and Vibrations

Other Prizes

Satura International Contest – 3° prize in Photography section with the artworks “(Biocities)
Roma Eur 60”
Arteam Cup Prize – Finalist in Photography section with the artworks“(Biocities) Roma Eur 82B”
Combat Prize – Shortlisted with the artworks “(Rinascimento) Roma Eur # 146”
Rospigliosi Prize – Winner in Photography section with the artworks “Vibrazione Baires # 5”

Fondo Malerba Fotografia – Selected in FMF Archive with project “EUR
42/Today: Different Visions”
Premio Lynx – Cultural Association Il Sestante – Finalist with the artworks
“Roma Eur Nuvola # 4”
Combat Prize – Associazione Culturale Blob Art – Shortlisted with artwork “Vibration
Roma Eur # 70”

Premio Lynx – Cultural Association Il Sestante – Shortlisted with the artworks
“Liquidance 78”
Fondo Malerba Fotografia – Selected in FMF Archive with projects “Vibrations”
and “Liquidance”
Premio Ora Espaňa – Radar Cultural Association – Finalist

Premio Enegan Art – Enegan spa - Finalist
Fondo Malerba Fotografia – Selected in FMF Archive with project
Malamegi Lab Art Foundation – Selected in the “Vision Art Contest II Edition”

SaatchiArt.com – Shortlisted in “Celebrate Paris Photo” collection – (2014 November)
SaatchiArt.com – Shortlisted in “Inspired by Mondrian” collection – (2014, March)

Le Journal de la Photographie - Weekend Portfolio (June, 8) – Shortlisted by the New
York gallerist and art dealer Howard Greenberg

Sony World Photo Award 2012 – Sony World Photo Organisation – Shortlisted in
“Professional-Conceptual” category
Murano Glass Prize 2012 – Abate Zanetti High School (Murano-Venezia)
Winner as photo-designer in “Vetrofusione” category
Combat Prize – Blob Art Cultural Association - Finalist

Celeste Prize 2010 – Celeste Cultural Association – On Line vote Winner

Mondatori Art Prize - Finalist