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Director's Guild of Canada

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Other
  • Company
    Adam and Kev Photography
  • Photographer
    Adam and Kev Photography
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A series showing Canadian Directors on-set in Vancouver, BC.

The city is frequently used by the TV and Film industry, though some refer to it as a "workhorse town" where below-the-line crew are hired locally, but above-the-line personnel are often flown in from New Your or LA. This makes it difficult for talented local directors and actors to break through.

The client wanted to show local directors in action, communicating, creating, directing. The assignment was to shoot 36 directors over 3 days, with each image looking like a different set, while all looking like large productions.

Commercial portrait photographers with four eyes, two heads, and one unimaginatively named company. Working as a collaborative team since 2008, their approach is heavy on the preproduction and planning, so that once the shot day roles around they can use all their time and energy to work with the subjects.

Awards Applied Arts 2019, Public Service/Charity Photography - Single