2nd Place / 2019 / Portraiture /


  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Personality, 2nd Place winner in Portraiture
  • Company
    Vechernyaya Moskva Newspaper
  • Photographer
    Pavel Volkov
  • Credit
    Pavel Volkov

"My skin is like sand on the beach," he says and chuckles. And you listen and don't understand whether to laugh or is it not worth it. Lesha does not think, he laughs. What's hidden deep inside – behind laughs and jokes about the beach, as well as dozens of plastic surgeries, trips to the best clinics in the world–knows only himself - a boy from a distant Buryat village with a frightening name Coma. In 2005, an inadequate father (either drunk or under the drugs) burned his two young children in the village stove. One of them died. Lesha suffered severe burns but survived.