2nd Place / 2019 / Book /

VIETNAMESE WE - Beyond Divides

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Documentary, 2nd Place winner in Book
  • Photographer
    Huy Trang Bùi
  • Credit
    Bùi Huy Trang

There are only about 15 photo books on a country's people (USA, Germany, Italy, India, Cuba, Tibet, China, Palestine). With the Zixbook™ concept based on the "sensory image", a blend of text, picture and sound, I have set myself the insane challenge to humbly introduce both the Vietnamese and their diasporas through a 100-photo series and a spiritual soundtrack. It thus took me 35 trips to 20 countries over 20 years to finally complete and put in order this damn series. Draft hardcovers 10x10" 240 pages have been made for hopefully promoting the project worldwide with sponsors not yet found.

Advanced amateur photographer at heart
Born in Saigon, Vietnam - Lives in Paris, France
Former engineer, Vietnamese-French author
Personal 20 year-long photo project on the Vietnamese and their diasporas (1997-2017) for completing a symbolic 100-photo series shot in 20 countries
A few photo exhibitions in France