/ 2019 / Press / Nature/Environmental

The Forgotten Quarter

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Nature/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Ben Cooke
  • Credit
    Ben Cooke

In the summer of 2018, S/Y Infinity embarked on an expedition to transit the North-West Passage and sail further north than any sailing vessel has done in history. The core mission of S/Y Infinity was to raise awareness for climate change as the Arctic ice extent recedes to record levels, and promote the advance of its partner foundation, EarthToday. By sailing further north than any previous yacht, Infinity sought to bring attention to the fact that it such a voyage should simply not be possible, and was not possible even just five years ago.

An Australian national of 32 years of age whom has spent the majority of the last decade and a half traversing the planet, documenting various cultures and ways of life and exploring the relationship between people and the area of the world they inhabit. With a background in civil engineering, Ben has just completed a Masters Degree in Political Science, where his thesis centred on the politics of climate change denial. He is due to begin a doctorate in political science in 2019, but for him photography remains a method by which one can capture the inevitable movement the world.

Awards Alliance Francais Special Regard 2012