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Venice, B side

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My project wants to tell the other Venice.
Not the millennial and art city made of stereotypes that by now survive only in the collective imagination but the real city that has totally lost its identity.
Subjected to unsustainable tourist pressure, Venice has turned into an amusement park, a "disposable" container, a large machine for doing business.
In this sense, for me, Venice today represents an extraordinary laboratory of human dementia.

I live in Padua, Italy.
For many years I have dedicated myself to street photography which, I think, can help us understand the reality we are experiencing.
All my projects, therefore, trying to provide an anthropological interpretation of our society in this particular historical moment.

Awards February 2019
It comes out in USA Street Photography, published by Acuity Press with the winning photos of the competition organized by the publishing house in collaboration with the PDN Photo District News magazine. Only Italian photographer present, foreword by Colin Westerbeck, curator of Alex's  Webb works.

January 2017
URBAN unveils the City and its secrets – vol. 02
The aim of this editorial project dedicated to street photography is to provide the reader with an overview of stories told through images. The photos have been selected from 83 phtotographers ranked at URBAN 2016 Photo Awards. These images have in common an element which is either obvious or just hardly visible, and all together they make up an organic collage that reveals the City and its secrets.

December 2016
00 remarkable street photographers—photographers and images discovered by our editors in 2016
Flip through these photographs and you will see the world's city streets through the eyes of more than 100 remarkable street photographers—photographers and images discovered by our editors in 2016.

The slideshow provides a bit of a kaleidoscope, jumping from one scene to another, from vibrant neon colors to graphic black-and-white, from bustling metropolis to lonely street corners. It provides a unique way to appreciate the people, forms, colors and cultures that pulse through our daily urban lives on planet earth.

Jim Casper - editor-in-chief and publisher of LensCulture

Honorable mention at the Moscow International Foto Awards 2016
with the series Doors in Venice.

URBAN 2014 international street photo contest - Color in the city - Trieste.