Bronze / 2019 / Nature / Seasons

White Dress

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Seasons
  • Photographer
    Fabio Galvez

This photograph was taken in November 2018 in the province of Teruel (Spain). The present mist and the focal distance (100mm) allowed me to isolate a tree from its surroundings whilst letting the grove a few meters behind it lightly visible. This way, perspective is achieved and the fabulous atmosphere of that morning in which the photo was taken is enhanced.

Fabio Gálvez was born in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1977 and graduated in Geography. He begins with landscape photography in his university stage as a way of studying geomorphology and topography. He changes his perspective and his way of working over time to be less functional and more creative. He cares more for aesthetics and composition and tries to make each of his photos unique and to show his own style. Currently, his work is consolidated and has been recognized with several international awards.