Silver / 2019 / Nature / Water

All that is Ice melts into Water

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Water
  • Photographer
    Anne Algar

In this series I am referencing the life journey of an iceberg from its birthplace at the tongue of a glacier, its dislodgment and its final destination, the ocean, where it melts into water. This process of creation and destruction is all the more pertinent as global warming increases melting. Sea levels rise, impacting on our environment. The blue colour of ice is the result of compressed ancient ice, embedded within is the history of earth’s climate. Iceland’s Vatnajökull glacier is retreating every year at an alarming rate. In this work I have tried to capture what makes this place unique.

I am an artist who started to take photography seriously in 2015. Prior I have worked in the arts related industries as a Printmaker, Animator, SFX and Graphic Designer for Film & TV, and Web Designer. I love being in the landscape and photographing it, especially so to allow others to appreciate the beauty and educate on the precarious state nature is in right now. As well as landscape photography I also take astrophotography and nightscapes.
I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology and Sociology, and I am a committee member of an artists run children charity AKC.