Bronze / 2019 / Nature / Earth

Green skies over Greenland

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Earth
  • Company
    Tristan Lavender Photography
  • Photographer
    Tristan Lavender

Hidden in the faraway fjords of South Greenland are massive glaciers, beautiful emerald lakes, and sharp granite peaks. I joined a sailing expedition to explore this remote corner of the world in mid-September, embarking on land with a zodiac boat every night in the hope of being greeted by the Northern Lights. Three nights we were lucky with strong solar winds. This is an impression of what we got to witness: Lady Aurora, dancing gracefully in the sky above us, revealing the beauty of the universe in all its glory.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I am a writer and editor with a background in psychology. I picked up photography a few years ago to widen my creative palette. I am particularly fascinated by patterns and geometries in the things I see - and in photography as a tool to reveal order in reality.